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Civil Rights Violations

Vybz Kartel Murder Case: Interview with Human Rights Attorney Isat Buchanan [EXCLUSIVE]



The dancehall artist Vybz Kartel, whose legal name is Adidja Palmer, is much more than a performer and prolific creator. He’s an influential cultural icon, the epitome of the self-made man from the streets who succeeded despite the odds. Now facing a life sentence, he’s in the battle of a lifetime — his last chance at freedom.

Now in an exclusive interview, his attorney, Isat Buchanan, tells me there’s new evidence of foul play and fake phone messages that could throw out his conviction and set Kartel free. So he’s taking the case to London in a high-stakes appeal.

Artist Vybz Kartel, whose legal name is Adidja Palmer, is much more than a performer and prolific creator. He’s an influential cultural icon, the epitome of the self mad man from the streets, who succeeded despite the odds. Now facing a life sentence on a murder conviction.

“Looking at the evidence, this case was about getting Vybz Kartel in prison and leaving him there,” Isat Buchanan, his attorney, said in an exclusive interview.

Buchanan said that much of Kartel’s 2014 murder conviction along with three co-defendants was based on questionable evidence from a Blackberry Torch cellphone.

“What was put before the jury was evidence which we do not know if it was authentic, but what we do now know was that there was tampering of that cell phone,” Buchanan said.

Buchanan said the examination of the cell phone was done by a court-authorized British digital expert flown in from the U.K. He believes that, along with what he says are violations of Kartel’s constitutional rights, earned him the chance to appeal the conviction to the U.K.’s Privy Council, similar in power to the United States Supreme Court.

“Our hope is that the Privy Council, in reviewing the evidence, the fresh evidence that will be put before them, would come to the conclusion that everyone who has looked at the case or have access to the material would find that the conviction is unsafe and cannot stand,” Buchanan said.

The Privy Council has several options, according to Buchanan, but he’s focusing on the best case scenario for the imprisoned dancehall king.

“We’re looking for a complete overturn of the conviction and for Mr. Palmer and his co-defendants to be free,” Buchanan said.

Buchanan plans to file what’s called a fresh evidence application to the Privy Council within the next several weeks. He said he’s confident that after a thorough review, justice will prevail, and his client, whom he calls Mr. Palmer, will be a free man by next year.

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Civil Rights Violations

WATCH: Pastor SUPPORTS Shooting LGBTQ People | The Kyle Kulinski Show




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“The first time I ever really listened to Kyle Kulinski’s show was in the back of a cab last summer. The driver had his phone hooked up through the stereo and was pumping out an episode through the car speakers — loudly, as if looking to convert a captive audience.

“Do you like Kyle Kulinski?”

The driver, Ahmed, was a recent immigrant and apparently a die-hard fan of Secular Talk, the political talk show that Kulinski broadcasts on YouTube. I told him, yes, in fact. I do like Kulinski, had come across his show several years ago, and, all things considered, he seemed pretty good.

“He understands what we’re up against,” Ahmed said. “Like Bernie.”

But I was surprised to hear Kulinski’s name mentioned in the same breath as Bernie Sanders, particularly with such adoration. Because what I did remember about Kulinski’s show struck me as mostly capital-P “progressive” takes on the news — the left wing of the Netroots crowd more than the democratic socialism Sanders has popularized.

It’s an impression that wasn’t entirely incorrect.

“I have no time for philosophical, airy bullshit,” Kulinski tells me from his home in Westchester, New York. “I don’t want to hear about Lenin. I don’t want to hear about Marx. I just want a super plainspoken, straightforward agenda with a straightforward way of selling it.”

With over 800,000 subscribers and nearly 670 million total views on YouTube, selling a progressive agenda is clearly something Kulinski knows how to do — even Democracy Now, the long-standing flagship of progressive media, cannot match his reach on the platform. Chapo Trap House can certainly boast a wildly devoted fan base (and a not insignificant degree of media influence), but their audience is roughly half the size of Kulinski’s.

While Secular Talk might be more likely to be looped in with the progressive networks around Air America and Pacifica alums like Sam Seder than the more resolutely socialist world, Kulinski’s fiery rhetoric, razor-sharp class instincts, and knack for withering takedowns sets him apart from his peers. Judging by his rhetoric alone, he’s closer to a Eugene Debs than a Chris Hayes.

But unlike Hayes, Amy Goodman, or his friend Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks — who began airing Secular Talk on his web network seven years ago — the thirty-two-year-old Kulinski is virtually invisible in the mainstream media. Despite his enormous fan base, his show has never once been mentioned in the obligatory trend pieces on “the Millennial Left” pumped out by the prestige media. Nor has Kulinski’s name ever popped up at all in the New York Times, Vox, the New Yorker, New York Magazine, or the Washington Post, despite his leading role in cofounding Justice Democrats, the organization widely credited with sweeping Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of “the Squad” to power.

Just last week, his Wikipedia page was deleted. The reason? “There is very simply no [reliable source] coverage of this person,” according to one moderator. In new media, he’s king — the Sean Hannity of the Berniecrat left. In old media, he’s nobody.

I suspect there are a few reasons for that. There is nothing “cool” about Kulinski’s show. (As a friend put it, “‘Welcome to Secular Talk’ sounds like something you’d hear on Egyptian radio.”) His no-nonsense social-democratic politics won’t get him much cred with the Full Communism crowd. He records his show not in Brooklyn or Los Angeles, but in a studio he built himself in his modest Westchester home. His hair is too groomed and his taste in clothes too preppy to qualify as “Dirtbag Left.” Nor has he ever attended an n+1 release party. “Not only have I not attended one,” he says, “I have no idea what that means.”

And yet he’s astonishingly plugged-in for a young man in the suburbs. Wondering how Sanders ended up on the Joe Rogan Experience? Kulinski, a frequent guest on Rogan’s wildly popular show, introduced them. “You make the most sense to me,” Rogan told Kulinski on a recent episode. “You’re a normal person.”

Much like Sanders himself, Kulinski’s show has a massive audience that just doesn’t compute with our media’s understanding of “what the kids want” or even “what the left-wing kids want.”

It’s probably for the best — the very woke and very WASP-ish decorum haunting much of the media world is nowhere to be found in Secular Talk. “Corporate Democrats over-focus on identity as a trick to divert you from the issues that unite us all — class issues,” he said on a recent episode. “That Raytheon decided they don’t hate gays or trans people — frankly, I don’t really give a shit what their take on that is…”

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Civil Rights Violations

USA says it is 'concerned' about Human Rights Violation in India l विदेश मंत्री जयशंकर का पलटवार




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Civil Rights Violations

Question Period – November 28, 2022




Witness all the action in the House of Commons as Canada’s elected officials debate the issues of the day.


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