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Court Acquits Jonah Jang of 6.3bn Corruption Charge



Justice Christy Dabup has discharged Former Governor of Plateau State, Senator Jonah David Jang on all counts of dishonesty in the ongoing Judgement over alleged 6.3 billion naira fraud.

Justice Christy Dabup also discharged and acquitted a former cashier in the office of the Secretary to the Plateau state government, Yusuf Pam, who was accused alongside the former governor.


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Ruling in other counts is still ongoing.

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Third Williamsport educator accused of engaging in sexual activity with a student




WILLIAMSPORT – A former Williamsport Area High School teacher has been accused of having sexual contact with a student – the third educator associated with the school charged with sexual misconduct this year.

Michele Pulizzi, 52, a former English teacher at the school, was charged by state police Friday with criminal solicitation to have sexual contact with a student. She was released on $75,000 unsecured bail.

Search warrant affidavits obtained by PennLive in early September alleged Pulizzi โ€œmade outโ€ with a male student in the school and they exchanged nude pictures and videos of themselves.

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Hack puts Latin American security agencies on edge




MEXICO CITY — A massive trove of emails from Mexicoโ€™s Defense Department is among electronic communications taken by a group of hackers from military and police agencies across several Latin American countries, Mexico’s president confirmed Friday.

The acknowledgement by President Andrรฉs Manuel Lรณpez Obrador comes after Chileโ€™s government said last week that emails had been taken from its Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The Mexican president spoke at his daily news conference following a local media report that the hack revealed previously unknown details about a health scare he had in January.

Lรณpez Obrador downplayed the hack, saying that โ€œthereโ€™s nothing that isnโ€™t known.โ€ He said the intrusion apparently occurred during a change of Defense Department systems.

But Chile was so concerned by the breach to its own systems that it called its defense minister back from the United States last week where she was attending the United Nations General Assembly with President Gabriel Boric.

The 10 terabytes of data taken by the group also include emails from the militaries in El Salvador, Peru and Colombia, as well as El Salvadorโ€™s National Police. The Mexico portion of the data appeared to be the largest.

A group of anonymous, self-described social justice warriors who call themselves Guacamaya say they use hacking to expose injustice and corruption in defense of Indigenous peoples. Hackers using the same name previously hacked and released the emails of a mining company long accused of human rights and environmental abuses in Guatemala.

In a statement accompanying the most recent action, the group complained of the plundering of Latin America, which it refers to as Abya Yala, by colonizers and the continuing extractivist goals of the โ€œGlobal North.โ€

The group issued a 1,400-word comunique saying that the militaries and police of Latin American countries, often with extensive training by the United States, are used by governments โ€œto keep their inhabitants prisoner.โ€

โ€œThe police minimize the risk that the people exercise their honorable right to protest, to destroy the system that oppresses them,โ€ the group wrote.

The group said it would make the documents available to journalists, but so far only a tiny portion has been reported โ€” in part, perhaps, because of the sheer quantity of the data.

In an email exchange, the hackers said that their review of the Mexico emails so far indicated that much of the information was already publicly available and they doubted there were โ€œexplosiveโ€ emails โ€” possibly because more sensitive communications were better protected.

But they said there was evidence of the military closely following political and social movements.

They said those include relatives of 43 students who were kidnapped by local police and allegedly handed over to be killed by a drug gang in 2014 โ€” a case in which some military officers have been accused of involvement โ€” as well as the Zapatista rebel movement that staged a 1994 uprising in southern Mexico and groups opposed to Lรณpez Obrador’s current effort to build a tourist train around the Yucatan Peninsula.

Rather than seeking monetary benefit or ransom for compromising government information systems through a cyberattack, Guacamaya appears to be more of a โ€œhacktivistโ€ hack-and-leak operation with social justice goals.

Lรณpez Obrador was responding to a television report by Mexican journalist Carlos Loret de Mola who said among the hacked emails were medical records about the president, including a previously undisclosed emergency air flight to the capital from his ranch in January, when he was suffering serious chest pains and at risk of a heart attack.

Later that month he underwent a heart catheterization, which was made public, but at the time was described as the result of a routine examination. Lรณpez Obrador suffered a heart attack in 2013 and has high blood pressure.

The 68-year-old president noted at his news conference that he suffers from a number of ailments and undergoes checkups every few months.


Bajak reported from Lima, Peru.

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Man allegedly armed with knife shot dead by police in Airlie Beach




A 24-year-old man has been shot dead by police in the Airlie Beach party strip after he allegedly approached officers with a knife in the early hours of Saturday.

Superintendent Graeme Paine said the man drew a knife, with a four-to-five centimetre blade, in front ofย the officers who were patrolling the area about 12.15am.ย 

“That male has produced a knife and advanced towards the officers,” he said.

“As a result, the officers have drawn their firearms and provided some verbal directions to the male to drop the knife.

“That male has continued to advance towards the officers.

“The officers have discharged a firearm, and unfortunately the male has sustained fatal injuries.”

Police tape covers up the crime scene after the fatal shooting this morning.
A crime scene has been established on the main street of Airlie Beach.(Supplied: Ashleigh Bagshawย )

Superintendent Paine said four or five shots were fired at the man,ย who workedย in Townsville.

Paramedics said one round hit the man’s upper body and he died at the scene.

Another of the bullets punctured a window of a nearby car.

The strip is a Safe Night Precinct and is also the main street of the tourist town.

It is expected to be shut for most of the day so police can collect forensic evidence.

Superintendent Paine said theyย do not know at this stage if the man had been visiting bars, however, he said there were multiple witnesses and CCTV to piece together what happened before the shooting.

Police guard the crime scene at Airlie Beach
Police guard the crime scene at Airlie Beach.ย (Supplied:ย Ashleigh Bagshaw)

“The officers are well trained to identify and respond to different types of threats,” he said.

“I do want to highlight the dangers of carrying a knife at any time in a public place.

“It’s an offence under certain circumstances but to carry a knife in a safe night precinct, which is a dynamic place where there areย people consuming alcohol and whatnot โ€” It really does pose a significant threat to the public,ย including the police that are in there trying to maintain the safety of everyone.

“That’s a really significant factor for us, the fact that someone has had a knife in such a dynamic area.”

Superintendent Paine said the man was originally from Western Australia and his family had been notified.

“It’s a tragic circumstance for the family of the young man, also for the officers involved, so we’re providing support,” he said.

Ian Leavers speaks to the press.
Queensland Police Union Ian Leavers said two officers were involved in the incident.(ABC News: Baz Ruddick)

Queensland Police Union President Ian Leavers said one of the officers had 13 years of experience behind him, while the other had three years of experience.

“I’ve spoken with both police in the early hours of this morning,” he said.

“They’re physically fine, but mentally this will have a severe impact upon them and that’s where we have to be very cautious.”

The Ethical Standards Command is investigating the shooting, with oversight from the Crime and Corruption Commission.

A crime scene has been set up.

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