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Am I the only person who has taken stand against corruption? Imran Khan asks institutions



PTI Chairman Imran Khan addresses party supporters at Islamabads Parade Ground on July 22, 2022. — Screengrab/Geo News
PTI Chairman Imran Khan addresses party supporters at Islamabad’s Parade Ground on July 22, 2022. — Screengrab/Geo News
  • “Can institutions not see corrupt people ruining the country?” asks Imran Khan. 
  • Khan says he was out on streets to “send a message to institutions that there is still time to save country” from “thieves”.
  • PTI chairman says party did not protest after “Azadi March” because he knew there would be anarchy. 

ISLAMABAD: PTI Chairman Imran Khan Saturday asked the country’s institutions if he was the only one left who has taken a stand against corruption.

Addressing a jalsa at the federal capital’s Parade Ground after leading a rally from Rawalpindi, the former prime minister asked: “Can the institutions not see the corrupt people ruining the country?”

“My question to the country’s institutions is how did you allow these thieves to rule the country? Don’t you understand a country gets destroyed when you put thieves in power?” asked the PTI leader.

The PTI chairman told his supporters that he did not come out to fight the institutions or spread anarchy, but to tell everyone that the nation will not accept the “imported government”.

The former prime minister said that he called off his protest against the coalition government on May 26 because he knew no one would come out after what transpired during the “Azadi March”.

Talking about the clashes that took place between the police and the party supporters during the long march, Khan said that he knew that there would be anarchy if he took to the streets.

“I knew there would be anarchy that evening and people would have come face to face with the police and the rangers,” he claimed. “The nation, the police and the rangers are mine. I don’t want to spread anarchy within my nation. I had set out just for one slogan imported government unacceptable.”

“I had set out for one reason, and that was to [show] all the institutions where nation is standing and what it wants and that it will never accept these thieves,” claimed the PTI chairman.

Khan said that he was out on the streets to “send a message to the institutions that there is still time to save the country” from these “thieves”.

“God will question the judiciary and the neutrals why they let these thieves come to power,” said the ex-premier, adding that “it was God’s command not to remain neutral”.

Talking about the Punjab by-polls that are set to take place on July 17, Khan claimed that the PML-N will win the elections by rigging them. “The people are not with them, but the umpire is with them. We will have to win these elections despite the umpires standing with them,” he added.

Weapon, bullets recovered from PTI supporter 

Prior to the jalsa, the police recovered a pistol and bullets from a person at the Parade Ground’s entrance. 

The police said that the gunman named Said Ghani is an employee of the Public Health Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

Thirty bores and 10 rounds were recovered from the man. The police have arrested him and an investigation is underway.

‘15,000 people attending jalsa’

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said that about 15,000 have reached the Parade Ground today.

Talking to the journalists, Sanaullah said that all the workers of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government are attending the jalsa.

On the person arrested from the venue, the interior minister said that the person, who was carrying a pistol, was an employee of the KP Health Department.

“The PTI’s protest against the inflation is useless as the party is the reason behind the rising inflation in the country,” said the PML-N leader, adding that the “coalition government has decided to complete its term”.

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Religious institutions blamed for increasing corruption




Anti-graft activists and individuals have blamed religious and cultural institutions for not doing enough to fight the high levels of corruption and moral decay in the country.

They argue that despite the Government’s efforts to end the vice, little has been done by the religious and cultural institutions to effectually instil moral values among the people like it was before.

Despite the Government enacting several comprehensive anti-corruption laws and establishing several anti-corruption bodies, the anti-corruption crusaders say very little success has been achieved in the fight against the vice.

The former Gulu Municipality MP and chairperson of Greater North Parliamentary Association, Lyandro Komakech noted that corruption is not a battle for the Government alone, but a shared responsibility.

“These people who work in public service are not groomed by the Government. The Government is at the receiving end. They are raised in our homes and communities. That means, we all have a role to play,” he said.

Komakech made the remarks while giving a keynote address on the state of accountability and public service delivery in Uganda at Hotel Africana on Thursday.

The event was organised by ActionAid International Uganda, the Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda and Ford Foundation among others.

“When you look at the past and now, we have a very challenging journey of state building where before 1962 to early 1990s, we had a lot of trust in citizens and institutions of government,” he noted.

He stressed that previously, all religious and cultural institutions were effective, thus boosting the growth of morality of citizens.

“That is why civil servants were morally upright and would deliver based on the terms of references,” Komakech noted.

He wondered why moral decadency is at its peak today yet “we have many mushrooming churches everywhere”.

“Previously, we had very few churches and districts, but service delivery was good and the word corruption was not heard of.

Corruption is a new invention which has caught up in every household today,” Komakech said.

“In the early times, the word corruption did not exist even in our local languages, but today, corruption is driving many processes. It is now like an economic activity because for every national assignment given to Ugandans, the bigger percentage is driven by a corrupt mindset. Today, service delivery is not based on public interest, but private interests.”

Komakech said the grooming of children was being given less attention currently, adding that it was the reason why many of the people produced from school, have no remorse for those they are supposed to serve.

According to the Inspectorate of Government integrity survey released last year, Uganda loses about sh10 trillion to corruption annually.

He said even the creation of the Inspectorate of Government (IG) was in response to the emerging threats in terms of moral decay.

Komakech said the grooming of children was being given less attention today, adding that it was the reason why many educated workers have no remorse for those they are supposed to serve.

He noted that previously, most public servants were groomed through traditional and faith-based schools with morals and feared God, a reason why they served the public interest, not themselves.

Komakech urged religious and cultural institutions to join the Government in the fight by instilling moral values among those they lead in their communities.

“But even when the IG has been established; they have sunk into the middle of this fight. The laws that were created then that are supposed to function and facilitate the inspectorate cannot be operational because the challenge at hand is greater than what the institution was created to fight,” he said.

Review of laws

Komakech said even the laws that establish the IG need to be reviewed and amended to ensure that the inspector general of government (IGG) begins to bite all those who are suspected.

“Our laws only look at the institutions to be the ones to prove that the citizens are corrupt. But the logic should be the other way round. The laws should ensure the individuals that are suspected to have stolen public money prove that all they acquired, was acquired legally and if they fail to prove they must go to jail,” he said.

“But as of now we have put all assignments on the Government to prove, and that is why we can’t fight corruption through the established institutions. Even the sentences are very light.”

The former Gulu legislator said corruption must be upgraded to crimes against humanity alongside genocide and murder among others so that those found guilty go for life imprisonment.

“We need to strengthen the Director of Public Prosecution, IGG and police structure.

The Police are only strong on chasing petty offenders, but have no ability to move on these big fish that always swim in our waters,” he noted.

Review laws

Komakech said even the laws that establish the IG need to be reviewed and amended to ensure that the IGG begins to bite all those who are suspected.

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Dinner viewing | Courthouse News Service





August 8, 2022

When a reader asks for advice, I’m here to give it. Today, I solve your dinner television viewing dilemma.

We try to provide answers when we get questions.

A reader writes:

I’m tired of the Trump fixation. I’m kinda tired of the news in general. Just don’t know what else to watch with dinner.

Dear Reader:

Can’t blame you. Trump fixation has surpassed Oxycontin/opioid abuse as the leading cause of debilitation, crime, and erosion of family values in the U.S today.

But we all need something to watch with dinner.

Fortunately, I have recommendations for stimulating non-Trump dinner viewing. Please note that the descriptions below contain spoilers:

FBoy Island. Before you read any further, be warned that I’m going to give away part of the shocking ending to Season 1.

Legal professionals will be fascinated by this tropical romp that poses the question: does promissory estoppel apply to a reality television show?

In a mind-boggling twist in the first season’s last episode, a winning contestant was denied his prize just because he was an fboy. (If you don’t know what an fboy is, that’s probably a good thing.)

Can the winning/losing contestant sue?

Can fboy mistreatment in general be grounds for a class action?

You’ll while away many hours discussing these issues during and after dinner.

She-Hulk, Attorney-At-Law. This series hasn’t premiered yet, but I’m going to assume it’s wonderful. Finally, super villains are going to get the justice they deserve.

Consider this fictional methadone for Trump fixation fantasies.

Dopesick. Take your mind off one plague by fondly remembering the last one. Not only is there pain and misery, but you also get government incompetence and corruption.

The James Comey chicken scene is particularly delightful.

Bullsh*t The Game Show. If you don’t know an answer, just make it up. There’s no better reflection of modern times.

The Iron Chef. Your dinner may be crap but at least you can look at something delicious. This can be a great way to lose weight – you’ll be so disappointed in your own food, you won’t want to eat it.

Hope this helps, Reader. If these programs don’t do it for you, try skipping dinner. Trump fixation on a full stomach can lead to nausea.

Cops gone wild. I’m probably imagining it, but it seems that cops-gone-rogue stories have been getting weirder.

Three of them recently popped up in court rulings.

In Oklahoma, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit ruled that an officer could be sued for using excessive force in the form of a punch, tackle and chokehold on a guy “suspected only of trespassing on a marina by riding in a golf cart.”

A federal judge in Connecticut ruled in favor of qualified immunity for police “because there is no clearly established due process right to not have a dog transferred without proper notice.”

There should be, but there isn’t.

Saddest of all is the tale told in a federal court ruling of a 72-year-old in Virginia who found a bear cub who had been hit by a car and made the mistake of calling the authorities. A deputy sheriff showed up and – allegedly – told the guy to leave and said he was going to kill the bear!

The plaintiff objected to bear baby murder so the deputy threw him to the ground. No word on what happened to the cub (a pretty glaring omission).

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Former union boss Paul Mullett ‘hung out to dry’ by Victoria Police, appeals court told




Among the senior police involved in Operation Briars were Graham Ashton and Simon Overland – both of whom later became chief commissioners – and Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius. The royal commission heard Operation Briars used Gobbo to elicit information from one of the detectives about the Chartres-Abbott murder.

Schoff said on Monday minutes of the Operation Briars meetings showed senior police discussed in the Operation Briars meetings an investigation into a police union delegate who was in 2007 suspected of misusing the force’s email system under the alias “Kit Walker”.

Shane Chartres-Abbott in 2003.

Shane Chartres-Abbott in 2003.Credit:Andrew De La Rue

Plans to question the delegate over the emails were a source of tension between Mullett and Nixon as their working relationship deteriorated.

But Schoff said the only documents produced from the Briars meetings to Mullett were those related to the “Kit Walker investigation”, and that the disclosure of other documents would “explain the gaps” in what was discussed at the meetings.

“We’ll be asking your honours to infer that the reason these documents weren’t produced when they were clearly relevant, nay critical, was because they revealed that Nicola Gobbo was deployed by Briars and, more importantly, that Overland, Cornelius and Ashton knew at this early stage she was a human source, and they were seeking to use her,” Schoff said.

The barrister argued the failure to disclose relevant documents denied Mullett the chance to prove he was the victim of a plot to get him out. Mullett argues he was the victim of a malicious prosecution and Nixon and the other defendants engaged in public misfeasance against him.

“This is one of the exceptional cases where the administration of justice calls for an inquiry into why the documents were not disclosed and an opportunity for Mr Mullett to have a fair trial [was denied],” Schoff said.

Mullett, former assistant commissioner Noel Ashby and former police media director Stephen Linnell were all charged with perjury over allegations they gave false evidence to the then Office of Police Integrity in 2007 over the alleged leaks. Ashby was acquitted and Linnell was convicted, but that was overturned on appeal.

Schoff said the three men were “hung out to dry in the OPI”.

Lawyers for the respondents called on the court to dismiss the appeal, and argued Mullett had failed to establish that he would have won his civil trial had the documents been disclosed.

They also argued that if granted the right to appeal, a retrial would have little chance of success.

Richard Knowles, QC, said Nixon was never involved in the decision to prosecute Mullett, and that Walshe and Taylor were never part of Operation Briars.

Knowles said it was “hard to understand” how the lack of disclosure of documents before Mullett’s civil trial should be “sheeted home” to his clients, when some came to light only after the case.

Ian Freckelton, QC, said the state and Victoria Police were not parties to the original proceedings and were not obliged to produce documents.

The Court of Appeal reserved its decision.

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